On Pluto there were thousands of goblin-like creatures, and one of them was named Bogee. Bogee wanted to travel to our world, Earth, was known to be the liveliest planet in the solar system. However, his friends told him that Earth isn't what it seems to be. Bogee didn't listen to his fellow goblin friends, so he left Pluto to prove them wrong. He took his spaceship and soared through the currents of asteroids and the Milky Way to Earth. He crashed landed onto the solid, fresh grass in Portland, Oregon.

Once Bogee landed onto Oregon, a couple of teenagers were around and saw Bogee jump off of his spaceship. Bogee did his traditional dance to say greetings, but the teenagers disliked the dance and believed Bogee was just a weird person painted in green. They looked at Bogee in disgusted and spat bubblegum on him. Eventually Bogee was covered in bubblegum. The teenagers teased Bogee and called him Goober. As they left, "Goober" was angry, but since he didn't want to cause any more trouble he remained with a forced semi-smile and was found by a scientist, Dr. Splotter.

Dr. Splotter took care of Goober as his own son. Despite that they cannot communicate with each other, they share a strong bond. Dr. Splotter found out that Goober likes the taste of peanut butter, blowing bubbles, and dancing. While Dr. Splotter is off to work Goober enjoys watching Sci-Fi movies with Dr. Splotter's cat, Wibbles. There are times where Goober wishes to go back to Pluto, though he enjoys his life living with Dr. Splotter and Wibbles because he isn't judged or teased by them. His semi-smile turned to a goopy, squiggly smile that sticks with him for life.(haha see what I did there!)